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The inter-professional team (criminologists, psychologists, safety officers, politologists…) of the Justice and Safety Community Programme wants to provide a technical support to practitioners and institutions with the difficult task of facing the current changing challenges of our dynamic and complex society.  That is why our team has an experience and knowledge based on large international studies on the most effective practices and methods to solve chronic or sharp problems that may seem unsolvable due to their complexity.



The advising of the JSCP offers expert support in planning, integrated planning, and deployment of measures to face problems such as:


 The unexpected increase of crime in a city or neighbourhood

 Gender and domestic violence

 Hate crime

 Violent radicalization

 Multiproblem cases

 Physical and emotional neglect of vulnerable groups

 The difficulties to identify and reach those who need our protection and justice

 The challenges on citizens participation

 The difficulties in the inter-agency coordination and in the work of inter-agency teams


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