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The Justice and Safety Community Programme covers a gap in the fields of public safety and justice services, addressing the shortage of integrated management tools to enable centering the services on the users in their communities. The Programme defines and boosts collaboration systems among public institutions, private organizations, the community and the citizens.  All this with the aim of providing real and integrated solutions to those multidimensional problems that bear degradation and disaggregation of persons, groups and communities, requiring the merging effort of all stakeholders and formal and informal resources. 


Our experience points to the evidence that the participation of all stakeholders, even though is more difficult than the isolated work of each agency, brings more cost-efficiency, effectiveness and citizens´ satisfaction.


The Justice and Safety Community Programme includes an interprofesional team of experts (in psychology, criminology, sociology, police sciences, education, anthropology…) offering services such as:

 Expert support on integrated planning and management of community-centred justice and safety.

 Integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to multiproblem cases

 Psychosocial support to victims and offenders in their community

 Support to designing and deployment of public safety and justice promotion and prevention systems

 Support in definition and implementation on restorative and community justice measures

 Training in preventive police and judicial practices on the ground

 Advising on psychosocial techniques to public safety practitioners on difficult cases


The Programme has developed activites of research, innovation and support in advancing on public safety systems in different countries as Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, and Brazil.

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