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Training is a core axis of our programme.  The European Platform of Police Studies is based on pedagogical methodologies that merge the latest theoretical grounds with the practice in solving the real problems the practitioners face in their work.  Training uses participatory-action research techniques to transfer tools to the students for scientific self- learning about their work and about the impact of their work in public safety and justice. 


The training programme includes both in-service training and postgraduate courses.  International experts from different countries and from different fields with experience solving shared problems are professors and trainers of our programme. They work as interdisciplinary teams analyzing and providing support and guidance to how to address real problems the students face in their work.

Justice and Safety Community Programme  /  / Tel. 34 910099853

Online publications:


The following publications of the Justice and Safety Community Programme are free access:


 The Governance of Public Safety and Justice in a Diverse Society (pdf format) (epub format).


 Proceedings of the International Congress on Public Safety in a Diverse Society


 Compared Public Safety applied to a Diverse Society (in Spanish)


 Practitioner´s Handbook on Public Safety in a Diverse Society (in Spanish)



More publications of free access may be found in the main site of InNODS.

The training programme offers online courses for individuals and groups and face-to-face courses (only for gruops).  It offers courses on topical issues such as hate crime, ciber-crimes, new trends on community policing, current approaches on public safety management… There are courses available in English and Spanish. 


To register to the courses, it can be done through our online platform, the European Platform of Police Studies.  Enter into our platform to have more information and to participate in our training blog and fórums.



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