The JSCP works as a space of collaboration among public and private organizations at local, regional, national and international levels.  The JSCP always welcomes the collaboration of different institutions and experts sharing visions and goals.  Contact us and we will be pleased to study ways of collaboration and and definition of common projects.



The Programme

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El Justice and Safety Community Programme (JSCP) is a continuation of the initial programme, the Public Safety Community Programme, born within the European project “Security in Diversity”, which established an international programme for the analysis of the current challenges on public safety and the new opportunities to approach them. The web site of that initial Programme is here available, with ample information on the theoretical and applied trends that ground the programme.



Justice and Safety Community Programme  /  / Tel. 34 910099853

Miguel Ángel Gandarillas is the current Director of the JSCP.  PhD in Psychology, he has devoted more than 20 years in researching the causes of violence and antisocial behaviour, developing methods and approaches to address them.  

The JSCP is comprised by an international network of experts and professionals from different areas that share the same vision on public safety and justice in our current society. The JSCP offers services on research, training, and advising on deployment of innovative actions, based on the latest trends centred in the diverse society, with the aim of accomplishing the practitioners´ work with the best cost-efficiency, effectiveness, and citizens´ satisfaction. 


Based on scientific evidence, the JSCP combines the best elements of present trends such as:


· Situational prevention

· Community policing

· Local governance and integrated management of the territory

· Community participation

· ICTs for integrated services centred in the citizens in their community

· Restorative and community justice

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